Saturday, 4 October 2014

4th October 1914

Port Melbourne
Sunday October 4 1914

On Stable and Gun Guard today, the horses are pretty quiet now.  I just had my dial taken this morning by a chap going around snapping the horse lines or anything worth  while.  Another chap came along and took it again and he said he would send me some of them.  Plenty of dirty little gutter snipes going round selling hop beer and gathering bottles.  The ol drinkers get them to bring them beer and so give them a few pence.  They will do anything to make money.  News just heard that the men on board refused to swim the horses this evening and so they are all booked now.  There is a lot of discontent amongst the men, they are never satisfied but they could be - there is plenty of tarts of a sort about here.

7th Battery men at the voluntary Church Parade. The Archbishop of Melbourne,
the Most Reverend Thomas Joseph Carr, DD, RC, cancelled other engagements
to conduct the Service for the Queensland Boys when he heard there was
nobody onboard A22 Rangatira to conduct the Service. Mrs Carr, sheltered by
an umbrella, is on his left. A15 Star of England is in background left of picture,
and in the distance on right are the horse lines and some bathing houses.

Sunday 4th October

Church service at 10 AM. Conducted by Archbishop of Melbourne. Good attendance. Guns flanked the hollow Square. Gun carriage draped with Ensign. Mrs Clarke and Registrar attended. Chief Engineer took photo of group.

At 2 o’clock parade the greater portion of 7th Battery refused to fall in because of lack of leave. I had three guards formed and issued instructions that ship was to be cleared of troops, and every man to parade on wharf. About 60 men ordered into arrest. I read out Governor General’s Warrant concerning Court Martials and informed the whole parade of the Powers vested in me under the Warrant. I also read out to them the penalties awarded for Certain Crimes.

Exercised Squire John in the afternoon in Company with the Chief Officer. Had two hours conference with all officers after dinner re lack of discipline, instruction, etc, and generally was successful in straightening out some difficulties. The Chief Steward reported pilfering from bottled ale cases. An ensuing investigation.

On the Pier at Port Melbourne after Church Parade. The group
centre front consists of Colonel Rosenthal and the Most Reverend
Thomas Joseph Carr DD, RC, Archbishop of Melbourne, and Mrs
Carr going onboard A22 Rangatira. Sergeant Owen Kenneth Stewart
is marked by an X. Sergeant C.H. Galliott is striding along to the left of him.

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