Tuesday, 30 September 2014

30th September 1914

Port Melbourne
Wednesday September 30 1914

Had a very busy day of it today.  Took our horses ashore and had a treat too.  We are allowed on the pier till 9 p.m. at night.  There is a guard on the end of the pier and they won’t let anyone off except those on duty.  It is said we will get leave after tomorrow to go into town. We tied our horses onto the railway lines.  It is cold and blowing a treat.

Horses tethered along the Railway Pier, Port Melbourne - date unknown.

Wednesday 30th September

General cleaning parade during morning. O.C. Troops inspection at 9 AM. General Bridges (accompanied by Colonel White) and Col Hobbs inspected ship at 10.30 AM. General Bridges expressed his entire satisfaction with the ship. General given "General Salute" on arrival. He gave permission to place horses on ground adjoining wharf. Men to sleep and mess on Board.

Inspected site for Horse lines, arranged to borrow timber from Wharf Contractor and with plumber for water service. Mr Jopp reported to Head Quarters re Ordnance Supplies; Veterinary Officer also reported to Head Quarters. Artillery horses disembarked. Infantry details and Brigade Head Quarters remaining on board till morning. Colonel Tunbridge instructed D.A. Column Section to move to Broadmeadows Camp. Col Sutton and F.A. details to show grounds.

Adjutant reported satisfactorily re replacement of Ordnance shortages.

Wrote Nell addressed to Gordon. Promised to write boys later.

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