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28th October 1914

Albany Harbour
Wednesday October 28 1914

Not much doing today the same old thing over and over again.  It is tantalizing to be so near the shore but cant get leave to get there, we only do a little work and then spell on.  Of course there is not much to do and when a mob get on a little job they are in one anothers road.  We exercise our horses everyday around the horse deck and it is wonderful the life it puts into them, only some are hard to put back again.  We all had to go on parade in marching order today.

A view out over the troopships at Albany, from
the deck of the First Convoy Flagship A3 Orvieto.

Wednesday 28th October

Usual routine work for units. Left on launch at 8.30 AM for conference aboard Flag Ship. Owing to calling at the other ships of 3rd Division Flagship was not reached till about 11 AM. Conference had then commenced. The 3rd Brigade returns were correct and in consequence I suffered no adverse criticism. Had lunch on board. Chatted with several officers. Saw the "Melbourne" pass and salute the General’s flag. She dropped a boat and sent pipers aboard the Flagship. On the return of the boat to the cruiser it was hoisted into the davits, the crew "running away" with the rope to the accompaniment of the Bugles. It was a very pretty sight.

A cinematograph operator took some pictures from the Flag ship.

Saw Olding and Major King on the "Argyleshire" as we passed her.

Strict instructions issued re posting of letters and cards and sending of wires. All to be riguorusly [rigorously] censored. In consequence I can only send home Post Cards which must contain no information about the troops, ships, or ports of call. Returned to ship at 6 PM after discharging officers at each ship of Second Division. Lamp and wireless messages during the evening. Took a few signals on the Marconi Instrument. Harbour full of boats. New Zealand Convoy arrived about 11 AM, escorted by H.M.S. Minatour, Philomel and Pyramus, also H.I.J.M. ship "Ibuki". The Melbourne led the way into the Sound. The H.M.S. "Physce" also accompanied the Convoy as far as Hobart and then returned to New Zealand. The fleet now at anchor makes a most imposing sight.

Last night the "Essex" a steamer from England, entered the Sound, but was promptly "hove to" when a shell from the "Melbourne" screamed across her bow. Today ships are watering as fast as local facilities will permit. A New Zealand boat came over to us this morning with several members of New Zealand Rifles on board. They looked to be fine specimens of manhood and their uniforms are of a very suitable colour and material, as well as being well made. We have been expecting the General to make his appearance this morning, but so far he has only reached the "Argyleshire".

Major Hughes has been on the sick list with influenza for three days, but is now on the way to recovery.

Excerpt from the Daily Commercial News and Shipping
List (N.S.W.), 28th October 1914, advertising the arrival
of the S.S. Essex at Albany - the H.M.A.S. Melbourne
(detailed above), greeted the vessel unceremoniously.

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