Thursday, 16 October 2014

16th October 1914

Port Melbourne
Friday October 16 1914 - A22

Where out manouvering today we done very good work too, so the heads said.  It is still blowing a cold from the south and by all appearances it is very rough outside.  I am on guard tonight, we have had a great feed of poached eggs, plum pudding and hot coffee to drink, I reckon it is hard being in charge of guard but it must be a terra, walking up and down in the cold wind.  Have been doing a general clean up on ship today.  There is an inspection on tomorrow.

Artillery being put through its paces at Broadmeadows camp, c.1914-15. 

Friday 16th October

Battery and BAC also Head Quarters out during morning. I called at Col Hobbs Office, returned to Ship at 12.30 PM. Had all Horses sprayed for prevention of ticks. Completed at midday.

Out with the Battery and Column during the afternoon.
Special gift of oatmeal, arrowroot, salt and Mustard sent to ship (for use of Horses during voyage) by Miss Hardie.

Three men reported from D.A. Column to take the places of men discharged & deserted. All horse feed bins thoroughly washed out and ship left ready for embarkation of Horses. Received instruction for Parade on Saturday at 9.30 AM for GOC, Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, also to embark on Monday commencing at 8 AM.

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