Tuesday, 21 October 2014

21st October 1914

Port Melbourne
Wednesday  October 21 1914

Am still in calm weather it is most remarkable.  We were told we would get a rough time of it in the Bight but so far we havent struck it of course there is plenty of time for that we are hardly in the Bight yet.  Had a muster up today and told off in boat parties in case the ship went down or had to be abanded, we were instructed how to get the life boats down and what to do.  Just now heard we may call into Adelaide but you never know.

The A3 Orvieto preparing to pull away from Port Melbourne Pier,
21st October 1914, in pursuit of the other First Contingent vessels.

Wednesday 21st October

Battery Horse taken very ill during last night. Vet called at midnight and managed to save him. Marching order Parade at 8.30 AM and general inspection. Afterwards boat stations were explained to all units allotments made and practised.

Units at drill morning and afternoon. Gun drill, laying and signalling. Completed syllabus of N.C.Os training for use of all Batteries of Brigade on the homeward journey. Preparing summary of evidence for mock Court Martial on Lieut Jenkinson, he having been charged with conduct unbefitting an Officer and a Gentleman. "Shropshire" gradually falling behind.

Beautiful weather. water showing not a ripple. Plenty of porpoises following ship, and we saw one whale spouting. Sick horse improved during day. Effective use made of sandbath. Battery exercised 59 horses. General arrangements completed for exercising each horse every day.

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