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7th October 1914

Port Melbourne
Wednesday  October 7 1914

Where manouvering with the teams again today and it was hot too.  There was a roll call at Tattoo 9 p.m. last night and only one man absent.  There is a concert in the pier tonight and a very good programme too.  The band from the Infintry on the Omrah came over and some of the neibouring civilions came along.  The concert was run by the chaps on the Rangatiara.  One nice little tart gave us a piano forte solo.  The band struck up a waltz and we got to it along the Pier.  Buck couples.  I havent had any leave yet, so am going to roar and try and get it tomorrow night.  I dont think we will be here long that according to rumours, suppose we will all get seasick again when we put to sea.  I would give anything to be in the light horse.  They are out at Broad Meadows.   I reckon it is just as hot her now, as up in Queensland havent seen any rain here yet.  The place is as dry as a bone.

The A5 Omrah berthed at the Port Melbourne Pier in October
1914 - the Infantry Band referred to in the diary entries would
have been that of the 9th Battalion, raised in Queensland &
first ashore at Gallipoli.

Wednesday 7th October

The Battery devoted the day to Battery gun drill and Driving drill. I attended the work of the battery during the morning and was very pleased with the ability displayed by Capt Leslie, both in instructing and in correcting faults. Lieut Urquhart also promises very well as a Section Officer. Drivers did very good work and team horses are in splendid condition. Gun Layers given consistent work on four guns. B.A. Column assembling and stamping harness. B. Head Qrs ditto. Received letter from Nell & Chris. Wrote short note to Nell at Gordon and at Sefton Park.

Piano arrived from Allan & Co. Visited Victoria Barracks during the afternoon, then called on Mr Whitehead to print me some cards. Inadvertently I discovered his sister is married to Mr Callaghan of Gordon and is mother of [indecipherable] Callaghan. Selected some Part Songs at Allan’s for the use of the men going home. Called on Major Robertson re selling "Jack". He was not in. I shall call in again tomorrow. Col Green and Col Merrington (chaplain) called and stayed to dinner. Afterwards men had a concert on the wharf. The "Omrah" band came round and assisted in the Performance. I sang a couple of songs.

Col Hobbs and Major Anderson visited us about noon. Wired to Commandants re Kitchens. 


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