Sunday, 3 January 2016

3rd January 1916

The building used as Headquarters for the 1st Division at Tel-el-Kebir, January 1916.

Monday 3rd Jan 1916

It was about 9 oclock when Transport came for the stores at Tel-el-Kebir Station where our camp was situated. The place is on the Suez Line about 60 miles from Cairo – Quiet & a lovely place. I arrived where our headquarters was situated and everyone was pleased to see that the records etc were safe etc.

It rained to-day - very welcome after the windy sandy blowey day. We are back once more amidst the sand & desert etc.

Monday, 3rd January

With Major King left Cairo at 11 AM, arrived at Tel el Kebir Camp at 1PM. Reported to General Chauvel at Divisional Head Quarters. Took over my Brigade as from 2nd inst. All officers and men very glad to see me. Spent the day in looking through old Orders since my leaving Gallipoli. Found a number of letters for me from Nell, the boys, father, AJ Derrick, A King, Halfords, also a Christmas parcel from Halfords and Balaclava Cap from Nell.

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