Tuesday, 26 January 2016

26th January 1916

Captain William Charles Waite landed at Gallipoli commanding a gun  the 7th Battery,
but was soon transferred to the 8th Battery, still under the 3rd Field Artillery Brigade.
For his Gallipoli service, he was awarded the Military Cross, (below), & was present
when the last 18 pounder round was fired at Gallipoli.  The resultant shell was retained,
evacuated from the peninsula, & inscribed with the names of those on the gun.  The
shell now forms part of the A.W.M.'s collection (above).

Wednesday 26th January

Morning devoted to cleaning harness and checking shortages. Called on General Hobbs. Afternoon holiday. Football matches for men. Bitterly cold wind. Capt. Jopp visited G.H.Q at Ismailia re position of APM. He reported at night that he had been accepted. Officers of Brigade decided to present Capt Jopp with some momento in celebration of his recent marriage.

Heard from General Hobbs that Major Burgess had been awarded the D.S.O. and Capt. Waite some decoration which he thought was the C.M.G. Official papers will be here in a few days. Congratulated them both at dinner. General Hobbs passed through lines in the afternoon to say "Good day" to everybody.

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