Friday, 26 February 2016

26th February 1916

Men & Officers of the 7th Battery, 3rd Field Artillery Brigade, lined up on the Pinkenba
Wharf in Brisbane 18 months earlier in September 1914, prior to embarkation on the A22
Rangatira - some of these men, but by no means all, were lucky enough to be of rank, &
still alive, to attend the Regimental Dinner below.

Saturday 26th February

All our old 3rd Brigade Officers obtained leave and journeyed up to Cairo to have a Regimental dinner. We all assembled at 7 o’clock and had a most enjoyable evening. Excuse was found in some way or other to make every officer give a speech. We broke up at 9.30. Quite a nice little dance was in progress at the Hotel but I took no part. Had a long talk with General Howse and Colonel and Mrs. Christian.

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