Tuesday, 23 February 2016

23rd February 1916

"ARCADIA," a poem attributed to the clever moniker "Bombardier H. E. Shell" of the
7th Battery, Australian Field Artillery - taken from The ANZAC Book, for which Col.
Rosenthal was designated President for the Committee of sale (below).

Wednesday 23rd Feb

Today I was transferred with others to form the 11th Brigade. Recommended as Q.M.S.

Feb. 23rd.

4th Div.Artillery R. O.No.1 gave constitution as under :-

10th Brigade.          11th Brigade.          12th Brigade.          D. A. C.
28th Battery.           31st Battery.           34th Battery.
29th     do                32nd    do               35th     do
30th     do                33rd    do                36th     do

Wednesday 23rd February

Promoted Colonel. Appointed as President of Committee re sale of Anzac Book, with Major Hughes 32rd Battalion and Lieut. Selwes A.F.A.

New Divisional Artillery settling down. Syllabus of Training for Officers and N.C.Os. issued to Brigade Commanders.

I am not quite happy re Col. Tunbridge’s appointment to a Brigade. He has never even Commanded a Battery.

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