Thursday, 4 February 2016

4th February 1916

Rafts under tow, and loaded with stone, arriving at Serapeum to be unloaded by
the 12th Field Company Engineers, 1916 - the stone was to be used for road making.

Friday 4th February

Brigade Commanders journeyed to Serapeum. Met General Hobbs and Major Anderson at Divisional Head Quarters on East Bank of Canal. Bitterly cold night.

Rode out with Major Anderson to left flank of advanced position 11,000 yards out from Serapeum.

Spent the day in reconnaissance. Went out well in front of our Infantry line. Very suitable position for three Batteries of Brigade.

Very busy scene at Serapeum. Plenty of troops and native labour.

Road making Transport of stone, firewood, timber etc. in dhabeen. Water being laid on and tramway being constructed. Took a few interesting pictures.

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