Saturday, 13 February 2016

12th February 1916

Egyptian Troops at the Seprapeum Railway Station, 1916.

Saturday 12th February

Again out to day. All ranges and prominent points recorded, and work completed. Lunched with General Maclagan. Also met General Birdwood at 3rd Bde. H Qrs. He expressed his pleasure at seeing me back again well and strong, and then gave me details of the proposed changes in 1st Aus Div. consequent on new Divisions being raised.

He told me I should have to command a Division of Artillery and that my Brigade would form the neucleus of the 4th Artillery Division. The new 4th Division will be commanded by General Cox, an Indian officer. Fuller details I presume we shall soon receive. We left Serapeum by train at 7.38 PM reaching Tel el Kebir about 10 PM. Our men and horses are following by a later train. A set of 6 maps of country just East of the Canal was issued to me.

Today I pass my 41st milestone. How the years do fly. General Birdwood’s information quite a nice birthday gift.

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