Thursday, 25 February 2016

25th February 1916

The tent lines of the 3rd Field Ambulance, some of whom had left Australia in 1914
alongside the 7th Battery on board the A22 Rangatira, at Tel-el-Kebir in February 1916.

Friday 25th

Had to visit Supply Ordnances & Engineers for different items. Had very fatiguing day.

Feb. 25th.

4th Div.Artillery R.O. No.2 posted following temporary commands:-

11th A.F.A. Brigade:-      Major F.A. Hughes.
                                              To Command
                                        Lieut. T.W. Garling.

31st Battery:-      Capt. A.H.K.Jopp    to Command.
                            Lt. S.F.Hodgens.
                            Lt. H.P.Hare.

32nd Battery:-      Lt. J.R.Ellis    to Command.
                            Lt. A.A.Evans.
                            Lt. R.K.Pybus.

33rd Battery:-      Lt. P.J.Ross    to Command.
                            Lt. W.J.Urquhart.
                            Lt. W.C.Hely.

It was decided that the 11th Brigade should be supposed of Queenslanders excepting Officers.

Friday 25th February

Had interview with Col. Duncan re several matters concerning the new Division. Ordnance informs me it will probably be two months before we can get any equipment. We must take our turn.

Received letter from Nell dated Jan. 23rd, the first letter for some weeks. Inspected site for Head Qrs. in new 4th Division lines, but we shall not be taking up our abode there for some time.

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