Friday, 1 April 2016

1st April 1916

The latrines at Tel-el-Kebir, the plans for which Col. Rosenthal passed on to the
Engineers for replication at Serapeum (below).

April 1st.

2nd.Lt. P.R. Barron and 2nd. Lt. E. H. Bartley and 34 men transferred from 11th. L.H. Regt.

Saturday 1st April

General Delaraye, Gen. Sellheim, Col. Spencer Browne and other officers visited Tel el Kebir to inspect site for troops from Cairo to take up. Arranged to hand over command of Camp tonight to Major Aarons who arrived to day with 1st Training Battalion. Arranged with Engineers regarding trough pump, latrine seats and Dining tables and forms to go to Serapeum. About 800 L.H. reinforcements (or rather volunteers) arrived today also a 150 draught and 25 Riding Horses. All units preparing for move to Serapeum.

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