Friday, 29 April 2016

29th April 1916

One of the larger howitzers (9.2 inch) based in Egypt, 1916.

29th April

Received a batch of letters. Mr Allan on Mooltan

April 29th.

A B.A.C. was formed in the Brigade and Capt Hordern appointed to Command.

The Battery Commanders were allotted as follows:-

41st,Battery       Capt P.J. Ross
42nd.Battery      Capt. S.F. Hodgens
43rd.Battery      Capt. T.W. Garling
44th.Battery       Lieut. G.W. Hall
2nd. Lieut. Hobson appointed Adjutant,
2nd. Lieut. G. Lee appointed Orderly Officer.

Saturday 29th April

Conferred with Gen. Cox on posting of 4.5" Hows. for use in protecting main Infantry camp against aircraft.

Arranged to commence elementary practise next Wednesday, the How. Brigade being first.

Capt. Tweedie RN, HMS. Sir Thomas Picton, called on me re his ships support to this section. Lecture this afternoon by Gen. Cox to all officers.

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