Monday, 25 April 2016

25th April 1916

The Prince of Wales (second from left), arriving at Serapeum for the
Anzac Day Sports Carnival.

25th April - Anzac Day

Sports in Canal

Brigade sports &c

The S.S. Suddenjerk, a ramshackle vessel manufactured for the Carnival.

Tuesday 25th April

"Anzac Day". A year ago to day we were engaging in an unique encounter. To day here is actual peace. Church parades & memorial services with all units. A full day’s sports afterwards. Inter Brigade Competitions in the morning, & championship events in the afternoon. General Godley & staff came down from Ismailia & the Prince of Wales from Suez. Generally a very good day. Many quaint water craft were designed & men seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. I took a few very good pictures. Infantry Band performed for us at night in the Artillery camp. I dined with Col. Waite & his officers.

Spectators watching the S.S. Suddenjerk (above) in action.

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