Thursday, 21 April 2016

21st April 1916

Egyptians pulling in fish from Aboukir Bay, under the watchful eye of soldiers,
1916 - referred to by Gen. Rosenthal below, Abu Qir (or Aboukir, Abukir) was
the site of the second battle of of the French Campaign in Egypt & Syria in 1801,
in which the British Expeditionary Force took the beach from Nepoleon's Army
despite heavy opposition.
[Courtesy of Flickr]

Friday 21st April

Good Friday – Alexandria very quiet. Called at Ordinance Depot & Base records office. Clerks & records both very satisfactory. In afternoon visited Aboukir Bay famous because of its association with Napoleon & Nelson.

Capt. Hallard & Col. Nicholson who are staying in Alexandria dined with me. Hallard is applying for transfer to 4th Div Arty & I expect will soon receive word approving.

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