Wednesday, 21 January 2015

21st January 1915

An Australian Artillery transport, Mena, published on the
21st March 1915 in the Perth Sunday Times.

Mena Camp
Thursday January 21 1915

We stoped in today and the fitters overhauled the guns as we do our firing practice tomorrow.  The Second Brigade did their shooting today.  We had a full marching order parade today and we had to have all our gear on and the blankets etc. on gun tender and wagons.  We are very short of money in this Battery and as our rations are not a great deal we get a bit hungry at times before when we were a bit short we would go and buy things at the dry canteen but now everybody is stony; we get payed next Wednesday.  It will be welcomed in this quarter.

Thursday 21st January

Stayed in camp today. Gave all units of Brigade an opportunity to make all adjustments, clean harness, guns, etc, prior to shooting on Friday. Shooting of 1st Brigade on Wednesday appeared to be very unsatisfactory. Shooting of 2nd Brigade today proved to be good. It is up to us to do well tomorrow.

General Birdwood today sent me an invitation to dine with him at Shepheards Hotel on Saturday night at 7.30. Hope I shall be able to get some information concerning our future movements. Put in strong report today regarding condition of horses. They are perceptibly getting poorer and weaker. Major Matson thinks they get too much work – Absurd – The ration is the trouble.


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