Saturday, 10 January 2015

10th January 1915

Elevated view of a church parade at Mena Camp, c. 1915.

Sunday 10th January

Laid in till 7.30 this morning. Would have appreciated another hour. Major Burgess took church parade while I wrote letters to Nell, the boys, home, and Arthur King in Melbourne. I also sent Post Cards of Port Said to Chris and Alvord and 12 cards of Cairo environs to Nell. The latter were very good pictures indeed. During the afternoon Ali Bey and his son motored out and stayed to dinner with us. He seemed to enjoy himself thoroughly and was much interested in the Ammunition Column wallaby. He also brought me out three extra photo frames, for Alvords, Charleys and Chris’ photos. I have them all framed now. Ali Bey left at 8PM. I saw him past the guards and then returned to my tent.

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