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29th September 1914

Port Melbourne
Tuesday September 29 1914

This morning a complete change of affairs.  We turned into Port Melbourne instead of going on to Albany.  This port looks a smoky busy place.  We pulled up along side the new pier and the Star of England put in on the opposite side.  We were not allowed off the boat but the chaps off the Star of E. where let off onto the pier for a run.  Had a few words with Jim and W. McLennon.  I picked Jim out by the call of the eagle hawk. There was a bit of excitement.  Our mascot, the Wallaby fell overboard and the sailors lowered a rope ladder and one of them got down for it.  Everyone was shouting do this or that.  Anyhow he got it.  There was great excitement and the hat was passed around.  We don't know if we stop here or go Broad Meadows for training for a few weeks.

Billy's reference to Jim above, refers to his older brother
 (my other Great Uncle, seated, with Billy standing left)
113 Corporal James Edgar Pacey, 2nd Light Horse Regiment,
 A Squadron - James departed Pinkenba on the Star of England,
 alongside Billy in the Rangatira.

29  7am


The A22 Rangatira berthed alongside New Pier, Port Melbourne.

Tuesday 29th September

Came up on Captain’s Bridge at 1.30 AM with Col Sutton. The "Examination Boat" and the Search lights playing over the water from the Forts made a beautiful picture. The Pilot came on board with instructions for us to proceed to Melbourne. We entered the "Rip’ with the "Star of England" following in our wake, arrived opposite Port Melbourne and anchored. After the Health Officer had made his inspection anchor was weighed and we moved alongside new Railway Pier, Port Melbourne, berthing at 10 AM. I immediately went to Victoria Barracks, and reported to Colonel Hobbs, Colonel White and General Bridges.

 Ordered to allow no leave. Returned to the ship with Major Glasford.

Colonel Grimwade, (Embarkation Officer) visited ship at 1 P.M. Instructed to proceed with disembarkation at 9 AM Thursday morning. Col Hobbs inspected ship at 4.30PM. with Major Anderson and Party. Notified that General Bridges would inspect at 10 AM 30th inst. I made a suggestion to Colonel Hobbs that our horses should be picketed on Crown Land adjoining wharf. Officers and men to take meals aboard ship and sleep there. Colonel Hobbs approved suggestion and promised to consult General Bridges. Adjutant compiled list of Ordnance deficiencies and submitted same to Major Anderson.

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