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25th September 1914

Men of the 7th Battery on parade at Pinkenba
Wharf, getting ready to board the A22 Rangatira.

Moreton Bay
Friday September 25 1914

Revalle at 4.30 a.m. (Enoggera) got up and had a bit of a snack a bit of cheese, a slice of bread, jam and black tea, was told we would get breakfast at Pinkenba.  Went down to Pinkenba by train and found my boat ready.  The horses where put on and the guns and wagons by the Advance Party.  The boat was the S.S. Rangatiara.  There was a crowd there to see us off and many tears where shed.  I saw one man crying like a kid, he nearly drowned his brother (who was coming with us).  I was put in charge of No. 10 mess with 12 men for a start, got 14 later.  After getting mess things some fine soup was sent down to us.  We got the horses fed and watered.  We got up on the top deck and horse boxes to see the last of the Brisbane friends.  Such a fine site to see all the runners from ship to wash about 2.30 p.m.  I stopped on deck to see the last of Moreton Bay.  We passed Point Lookout and dropped the pilot there and I went to sleep on the focksile.  It was raining when I woke up.

Men of the 7th Battery at attention on Pinkenba
Wharf, getting ready to board the A22 Rangatira.

Sept 25 BRISBANE 1pm

Embarked at PINKENBA on transport No 22 S.S. RANGATIRA

Troops of the 7th Battery lining up on the wharf amidst
well-wishers, awaiting their turn to embark.

Friday 25th September, 1914

This morning I have seen the District Paymaster and handed to him my pay allotment for my wife. I also interviewed the O.C. Army Service Corps and arranged for sand to be placed on board transport for a sand bath for horses. Horses were embarked by men of units, commencing at 5 P.M. 24th instant; finishing at 12 midnight Sept 24th/25th. One horse caused a great deal of trouble, and eventually backed over the wharf into the river. It was subsequently rescued.

The District Commandant invited me to proceed from Brisbane to Pinkenbar in the Naval launch. On arrival at the troop ship I took over custody of cash for use of men on board and had some placed in Captain’s Safe. The Commandant issued to me a message of farewell from His Excellency Sir Arthur Morgan, Governor of Queensland, to the troops of all Transports from Queensland, and as the "Rangatira" was the last to leave I was asked to transmit the message by wireless to other ships. The Commandant also personally addressed the troops. He informed me Mr Jopp’s work as Adjutant had been most unsatisfactory.

The troopship left wharf at Pinkenbar at 12.50 PM amid the tooting of whistles and sirens, and the "good byes" of the Soldiers friends and relatives.

The Veterinary Officer reported a sick horse which he had refused to accept, but which was ultimately ordered to be taken (by the Veterinary Board). This horse had been ill for a week prior to embarkation.

Weather beautifully fine and so far no symptoms of sea sickness.

The A22 Rangatira with troops loaded & preparing to
 depart, to the cheers of the well-wishers on the wharf.

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