Sunday, 28 September 2014

28th September 1914

Off Victorian Coast
Monday September 28 1914

Today I feel alright so am put on stable orderley.  We have a sand bath riged up for the horses to roll in but they don't care to much about it.  Weather getting better and a bit colder.  We are in Bass St now passed Kings Island Wilson Prom and a pretty light house there the hills, looked pretty in the distance.  There is such a lot of small islands about here.  Tea time I ate like a horse.  Went up to the dry canteen.  Things are awfully dear there.  Lemonade 6d a bottle.  Anyhow it is good.  Bought a pair of white shoes at 4/6 per pair.  We expect to catch up to the rest of the Queensland troopships in a day or two.  We are nearing Melbourne now.

Wilson's Promontory c. 1920's, where both lighthouse &  signalling
 station would have been visible to the passing 1st AIF Convoy.

Monday 28th September

Two more cases of venereal disease discovered at morning Sick Parade. General inspection of Ship at 10 AM with P.M.O. I instituted artificers to alter certain mess Fittings to admit more light and air. Arrangements were made for the exercising and massaging of Horses and duties commenced. Gun drill and signalling detachment at work. Landscape targets in use. Rifle exercises carried out. Commencement made with evening classes for Officers and N.C.O.s. From 7.30 to 8PM. For N.C.O.s, and 8 to 8.30 or 9 PM for officers. Standing Orders for 3rd F.A. Brigade were explained to N.C.O.s and Officers. Signalling at night with Begbie lamp. Some horses were during the day moved from aft. stalls to others more centrally situated. I gave instructions for full "Marching Order" parade for each Wednesday at 10 AM, and foot parade for Medical Officer each Tuesday at 10 AM. On passing Signal Station at Wilson’s Promontory we received a signal instructing us to call at Queenscliff for Orders. Every Officer speculating as to what this May mean, our instruction previously having been to rendezvous at King George’s Sound, Albany. Coast around Wilson’s Promontory and Back Stairs Passage very rugged. Bitterly cold afternoon and night. Glorious sunset. In view of the fact that "Examination Anchorage" work is now being carried out at Queenscliff, Col Sutton and myself decided to take post on the Bridge while entering.


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