Friday, 26 September 2014

26th September 1914

Off N.S.W. Coast
Saturday September 26 1914 – Rangatiara

When I woke up I was right oh but when I went on deck my head began to spin.  I went down to mess but after a few spoonfulls of porridge I went up on deck and looked overboard and fed the fish.  I was a bit crook all day.  In the evening I saw whales.  They where a fine site to see them spouting water.  There was plenty of sea sickness about now and the boat is pitching a great deal.  After having a few biscuits and an apple I turned in for the night and had a restless night of it and woke up and found I was much better.

Saturday 26th September

A very beautiful morning. The rugged coast in the rising sun looks particularly fine. With Col Sutton, the Senior medical Officer on Board I made a thorough inspection of the ship at 10 AM. Parades during the day of gunners at gun drill and fuze setting, rifle exercises, etc. Cleaning up ship generally. Lecture at night to all officers on general Conduct and duties on Board Troopship. Veterinary Officer reported sick horse to be very bad. I had him moved to the deck and specially fed. The Senior Medical Officer reported two cases of venereal disease. Cases were at once isolated.

I interviewed the Adjutant re very unsatisfactory report of his work furnished to me by District Commandant of Queensland, supported by a similar report from the A.A.G. I warned him his promotion to rank of Captain and the keeping of his position at all would depend on the way his duties in the future are carried out. I have given personal instruction to all trumpeters and buglers.

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