Thursday, 2 June 2016

1st June 1916

The H.M.T. Haverford, during her previous life with the American Line - the men of
the 4th Division Artillery, & more importantly those of the 11th Field Artillery Brigade,
boarded her in Alexandria (below).
[Courtesy of First World War Journal]

We reached Alex at about 6am and did not take long to remove all our gear on to the transport Haverford. The train ran right on to the wharf where she was berthed. A scanty breakfast and then it was a wait. The only other Units on board the transport besides our 11th Brigade - were a small section of the A.M.C, A.S.C and the 15th Battalion I was fortunate in getting a cabin between with our own Sergeant Major in the 1st saloon and as you can imagine it tended to make the trip which was to follow very comfortable. We did not leave the wharf that night but next morning at 7.30am the engines throbbed and it was not long before we steamed off.

[Will Sparkes' diary entry under the 31st May runs into a couple of
days - for clarity, it has been divided up over the coming entries]

June 1st.

Embarked on H.M.T. "Haverford"

Thursday 1st June

Completed packing up. Handed over maps, camp etc. to Lord Exeter. Capt. Richards now to be Brigade Major. He accompanied me by midday train. Reached Alexandria in the evening the stayed the night at the Majestic Hotel.

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