Tuesday, 17 May 2016

17th May 1916

The H.M.S. Aphis, which arrived off Serapeum in the Suez Canal to fix
observing stations for the artillery shoot (below).
[Courtesy of Naval History Homepage]

Wednesday 17th May

Commenced shooting at 5.15 AM and went on till 11.30. The heat affected me so much that I left at 8.30 and returned to Camp.

Two monitors under Commander Noble arrived during the early morning to fix observing Stations etc. for front line.

Commander Noble and his officers called to see me at 12 o’clock and I went off to lunch with them at 1 PM. The monitors were the "SCARAB" and "APHIS". Being again a terribly hot day I stayed on board and went with him down to his Station in the BITTER LAKE returning to my HQrs. at 7.30 PM. It seemed no cooler on the water than on the land, the wind was scorching, but on the boat they had plenty of ice, so we filled up with iced lime juice and soda, and really delicious it was. They keep a couple of chameleons on board as fly catchers.

Feel very seedy. I think I got a touch of the sun this morning. Received two letters from Nell and one from Chris.

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