Thursday, 12 May 2016

11th May 1916

An armoured car with two transport vehicles proceeding between Egyptian outposts,
18th May 1916, likely similar to that taken by Gen. Rosenthal below.

Thursday 11th May

Left Serapeum East in car at 6.45 AM with Commander in Chief General Murray, Gen. Godley, and Gen. Cox’s staff, he himself being too unwell to attend. Went to North Road Head by car, took horses from there and rode out to GAZELLE HEIGHTS. Here General McCay and staff met the C in C. An exceedingly hot and trying day. I shall be glad to leave this Country.

Received advice from Capt. Collins, High Commissioners Office, of despatch of Medicine chests and military books. F.A.Ts. specially we urgently need. Brig. Gen. Nicholl arrived from Anzac and stayed with me.

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