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29th November 1914

Red Sea
Sunday November 29 1914

We had startling news yesterday.  We were told that we would be landed at Alexandria and then go to camp at Cairo and do our training there.  Certainly the climate will suit us Australians.  The sports yesterday were O.K.  The obstacle race was the king daddy of the lot.  Such places they had to go through, one place was a long canvas wind pipe laid along the deck and in this was laid a trap of a mixture of flour and water and after they went through this they were smothered in dough.  I bet it took some time to wash it out of their hair.  I was in for some but having a stiff leg it was a case of giving it in and the chap that took my place in one race got it.  It is getting much cooler and some thin skinned chaps had to come in off the decks at night and sleep in the mess room.

Group portrait of unidentified members of 'A' Sub Section, 7th Battery,
3rd Field ArtilleryBrigade, on board the troopship A22 Rangatira. The
soldier third from left in the front row is holding the Battery's wallaby mascot.

Sunday 29th November

A much cooler day. Early this morning a strong breeze arose, which has cooled the horse decks and ship generally very much indeed. We heard today that a death had occurred on the "Suffolk", one of the ships crew having succumbed to heat. This makes six deaths during the voyage. Measles broke out on our ship yesterday, two cases being isolated from the D.A.C. They had evidently carried infection from Broad Meadows camp in Melbourne, where they were stationed during our delay in Melbourne. As a consequence we are now faced with the problem of disinfecting all clothing, blankets, etc of all troops on board. In view of the fact that we expect to land either at Port Said or Alexandria we shall not have much time. This will very much interfere with our training, particularly that for first aid which had been arranged for the last fortnight at sea prior to reaching England. This latter instruction will now have to be given when we reach camp. Church Service this evening.

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