Friday, 21 November 2014

21st November 1914

Arabian Sea
Saturday November 21 1914

We left the other division last night.  This morning we stopped and the rest of the division, our escort the cruiser went back as quick as could go and presently the other fleet appeared on the horizon behind us so we waited until they got nearly up to us, then we got a move on again and raced away ahead.  I later learned that the Araneus ran slap band into the Shropshire and one of the soldiers was knocked overboard but was rescued after 1 and a half hours in the water.  There is any amount of flying fish about here, we ran through a shoal of other fish.  There is a concert on board tonight.  I was third evidence at a trial today, the chap got off with small punishment.  There is very little or no tobacco in the dry canteen now.  The other day one of the A column chaps fell down a coal shoot and broke his arm and got bumped about a treat.  Mostly all camping on top of horse boxes now.

A section of the damaged stern of the A9 Shropshire.

Saturday 21st November

At daylight our Convoy was very mixed up owing to the fact that during the night a collision had occurred between "Ascanius" and "Shropshire". We had to wait some time for them and in consequence the main Australian Convoy had overtaken us. Tonight we are again well ahead, and the Australian Convoy is out of Sight astern.

Ranging during afternoon. Details of all units at work during morning. "Washing" afternoon for the men. Very good concert tonight of about eighteen items. The Captain attended with our officers. Capt McLennan gave us a splendid recitation. He is a "dark horse".

Made arrangements for issue to each O.C. Unit of Red Cross goods. Run to noon today 289 miles. Position 11°17’N, 63°14’E.

A gun and a section of the damaged stern of the A9 Shropshire.

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