Tuesday, 16 December 2014

16th December 1914

Mena Camp
Wednesday December 16 1914 

Was out exercising horses mounted today around a small village here and all of the sights, little kids about 18 months old carrying things on their heads and the women here do all the carrying heavy loads on their heads.  One thing they had grand vegetable gardens here and some of the finest vegetables I ever saw grow here.  The Heads went into town today and got the money so we will get payed tomorrow.  All leave is stopped from today till Sat. owing to the Proclamation being read and the Turkish flag pulled down.  Some of the Infintry went into town fully armed but I don’t think anything will happen.

[Although the subsequent Diary pages are dated, Billy does not make any further
 entries until the 13th January 1915 – no reason is given for this omission]

Local women & children from the nearby Mena Village. 
[Courtesy of Australian War Memorial - J02152]

Wednesday 16th December

Some tables and forms arrived for the Brigade. Erected the officers mess tents. Mess gear came out from town. All units settling down and vehicles coming along gradually. Horses being exercised daily. Trumpeters receiving instruction. Have arranged for Brigade and Battery Head Quarters, also Trumpeters and Officers patrols to form one large class for instruction by myself, Adjutant and Lt Clowes. Lecture given tonight by Capt Waite, OC. BAC, on Ammunition Supply, illustrated by diagrams. All Sergts and Sergt Majors and officers attended. Arranged to start our mess tomorrow. Another foal arrived a day or two ago, this time in 7th battery. It will surely become the Battery pet. Jack looks splendid. Gordon, the coach driver at Port Hacking, spoke to me last night. He has joined the Infantry.

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